LIFT99’s first two months were pretty wild, but there’s more to come

02. February 2017

LIFT99 (former Garage48 HUB) has had a busy few months after opening our doors to the public in December 2016.

We’re now located at Telliskivi Creative City where we have amazing new rooms, more space for entrepreneurs, an inspiring atmosphere and the coolest neighbourhood in town.

Here’s a quick look back at what’s happened so far, as well as a little sneak peek of our upcoming plans.

Past events

LIFT99 launched its MVP to the public at the end of November with the very first event by Clanbeat, “Company Culture Pioneers“, and then there was a SaaS meetup organised together with Pipedrive, Scoro and Weekdone. Both of the events showed that LIFT99 can fit even more people than expected!

Our legendary Grand Opening party took place on 7 December. It was a glamorous #EstonianMafia Ball where over 400 well-known startup geeks and friends took advantage of the opportunity to stop working and get out on Wednesday night. We like theme parties and therefore took “mafia” and “ball” very seriously.

The Mafia we know started out in 30’s America, also known as the dry-period when alcohol was forbidden and people had to hide drinking to not get into trouble so they drank it from coffee cups. Later, the Mafia took advantage of prohibition and began selling illegal alcohol. The time is known for criminal activities and fake identities. Cops were trying to hunt down murderers by interrogating the most suspicious family groups.

Luckily no criminal groups were found at the LIFT99 opening. In fact, we’re known as the Estonian Mafia because we like to look out for each other.

Instead, we had a grandiose night thanks to Ikevald Rannap Bänd, Hulkur Baar, Teater Must Kast and DJ Girti Suun. It was definitely a night to remember!

January started off big with the very first FuckUp Nights Tallinn event. Over 400 people gathered in an old warehouse on a cold night to share and celebrate the stories of failed projects and businesses. It was a great evening with amazing speakers and we are looking forward to our next Fuckup Nights Tallinn event in March. We’ll let you know the date on our Facebook page soon.

To keep the right balance between hard work and fun, we also organised Parkour training with the help of the amazing Steve Leung from New York.

More recently, LIFT99 hosted the Future of Tallinn Idea hack by Garage48 that brought together awesome participants and mentors to brainstorm and discuss fantastic ideas for making Tallinn a better place to live in.

Big thanks also to Starta Capital, Your Design Talks, Telliskivi and Microsoft, Ajujaht, AmCham, Tallinn University of Technology and Startup Wise Guys for awesome events and cooperation.


LIFT99 attracts plenty of interesting visitors.

For the past 5 years George Washington Executive MBA students are brought to Tallinn to learn more about Cyber Security. We are happy that despite their busy schedule they found time to visit our co-working & event space to learn more about Estonian startups, LIFT99 and Garage48 activities.

We also enjoyed meeting the UK Ambassador to Estonia Theresa Bubbear and were proud to show her rooms named after her fellow countrymen, including Edward Lucas, Richard Branson and the Pet Shop Boys.

Finally, we even had drones stop by for a visit! They were flew in with EIS at the beginning of December.

We thank our sponsors & partners

LIFT99 is extremely happy to introduce our lovely sponsors thanks to whom we can organise even more useful events. Thank you startup-friendly law firm Hedman Partners, European startup unicorn Transferwise and market leader in time tracking – Toggl.

We would also like to give a big shout out to our community partners and supporters Garage48, Sendgrid and Telliskivi Creative City.


Now let’s look to the future.

We will pretty soon open the renewed #EstonianMafia Wall of Fame, where we will present the most successful Estonian startups. The work is in progress so you should definately stay tuned for more details.

We also invite you to be part of our upcoming events:

And of course, a lot of awesome plans are cooking!


We’d like to introduce you to LIFT99 resident startups & teams who are Clanbeat (on the picture), Weekdone,7blaze, Sendgrid, Rang Media House, Digimootor, Garage48, Smartcap, Startup Estonia, Foody, GoWorkABit,Full Profile, Redis Digital, Estonian World, plus many super talented freelance designers, developers, marketing gurus etc.

We want to lift more Estonian startups off the ground and therefore we have open call for hardware & software startups. Rooms to offer for 4-8 people in a team. Contact us!

As you may see, LIFT99 offers a huge variety of benefits and activities. Just contact us regarding resident membership, office rent, room rent, event organising or anything else.

For us, it’s just a humble beginning.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to find out about our upcoming news 😉

LIFT99 managers Susanne ( and Karina ( are always happy to answer any of your questions!

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